*Serial Number:
*Enter serial number without spaces or dashes
*Access Key:
* Access Key can be found in yellow sheet
Extended Warranty Registration Number:
**This is only for RHS980 models.
The Warranty Registration Number
is located on your BLUE warranty
form in the top right hand corner.
*Installation Date:
Promo Code:
*Company Name:
*Phone: Ext.
*Address 1:
Address 2:
*Zip/Postal Code:
Please provide the name of the
company where the unit was purchased:
1. The item above was received by us in good condition and is acceptable to us. Yes No
2. We have MAHLE Aftermarket Inc., Service Solutions Division's warranty information,
operation manual, and service phone number. Yes No
3. We understand the operation of this equipment. Yes No
Please make comments and explain "No" answers if any, below:
Pick one of the three items:
MAHLE Original Filter Package ($250 value)
MAHLE Service Solutions Oil Injection Kit
MAHLE Service Solutions Electronic Leak Detector

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